Outside General Counsel

Dunker Law PA understands the importance of becoming familiar with your entire business.

Many small and medium-size businesses rely on outside counsel to provide general counsel services – that is to advise management on strategic policy decisions and on the types of legal services that the client needs in any given situation. 

Bill Sr. has experience in this role both as in-house general counsel and as outside counsel. When retained to act as our client’s general counsel, we know that we must become familiar 

with our client’s entire business – past history, current operations, and future goals.  This understanding is essential so that we can proactively provide cost-effective, individualized solutions to meet our client’s long term needs.

As outside general counsel, Dunker Law PA is prepared to advise on, coordinate and oversee:

  • Corporate governance
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • Business and professional licensing matters
  • Policy development and implementation, including for  
    • Risk Management
    • Litigation and dispute resolution management
    • Product/Project Contracting
    • Corporate and Employment Policies including Social Media Policies
  • Internal and external investigations, analyses and negotiations